A Fool On the Road and Other Places

You should not have much trouble recognizing when you deal with fools that encroach all the domains of life. Smoke them out and treat them harshly.

Road Rage Specimens

You have always prided yourself on taking the necessary precautions to be a dependable and logical guy in the realm of your life. Just like anyone you teach people by mimicking their actions to prove how deeply wrong they are. A drive across the town is an excellent example of the mirror teaching blunder where you simply put yourself at risk but you were just going to teach that son of a gun a lesson. To your surprise perhaps the guy would not learn and cut in just in front of you just to make you sweaty behind the wheel this way. Tyres screeching, well the guy should have known better. Would a chase around the place be a nice idea, no?

Always Comparing Yourself To Your Best Friend

It is no surprise to see that many findings prove the man’s need for competition. While your older friend’s wad of credit cards is not less than impressive, his treatment of females has earned him some extra points. The points you find you are not getting. In fact, neither of you is particularly outstanding, but this guy’s potential to lure women is a jarring reminder that you fail at attracting and managing (ok) those better female speci-people. You cannot handle it well with your heavy handed approach to love making, difficulty cracking jokes and so on. However it has been proven with a nice sports car definitely gives a boost to your image as a desirable man. Just go ahead and do away with that hint of despair in your voice!

How to Tell a Fool from a Foe

Any backstabbing would ensure your high position which is likely to get abandoned once you are intimately involved with a girl or two. Sharing your secrets with your friend is not a great idea especially if he chuckles behind your back at how much of a moron you came to be. And no you can be going on about your antics behind the girl’s back safely as the friend is no foe ‘cause you have known him for ages and you trust him or you just don’t care. How is that game possibly going to last? Boredom will tell.

Other fools

Those who just won’t ever listen to anything, as side tracked by their parents, and the ghosts of the pasts, those who are blindly believing in the human kind and its positive approach to other human beings, those who are blind to see anything else beyond their narrow frame of mind and those fools happen to be of either sex.

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