Best Budget Travel Destinations

Are you thinking about traveling this year? It is always a good idea to consider the budget for the destination that you have in mind. While some places are obvious choices for travel destinations, you might want to try out the less visited locations. These are the places that might give you more for your money. We have listed here some of the best budget travel destinations that you can check out. These destinations were noted mostly for the very competitive prices that they offer to the traveller this year.

South Africa

The country was in the headlines recently because of the passing of Nelson Mandela. The country that he helped to make free for everyone is actually one of the best budget travel destinations in the world today. One of the major reasons why it is such a great budget travel destination is because hotel rates are down all over the country. The rates have gone down by as much as 8%. That means you can find excellent accommodations there for low prices. You can visit the penguins at Boulders Beach at Cape Town, check the wild animals at Kruger National Park and enjoy the beaches. You can also visit Johannesburg to get a feel of the city’s long and colorful history. You should also sample the local cuisine there.


Are you surprised that Venice would be included on a list of budget travel destinations? The good news is that hotel rates in Venice have gone down now, so you should take advantage of that for this year because that’s not going to stay that way. The hotel rates in one of the most famed cities in Europe are down by 7% as compared from last year. So go ahead and include floating down on a gondola along one of the canals of Venice as one of your tourist aims for this year. You can also visit some of the great historical landmarks in the city such as the Sansovino Library and the Ducal Palace. You can also visit Murano where you can see traditional glass blowing. Keep in mind though that you might end up buying fancy glass after the tour.

Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic has been gaining in popularity as a tourist destination in the past couple of years and the fact that the hotel rates there have gone down is another reason why you should visit it. The Majestic Colonial Beach Resort which can be found in Punta Cana is amazingly affordable. You can get accommodations for two people at just $212 every night. You can also check out the Los Haitises National Park where you can explore the virgin forest and the lagoons there.

Buenos Aires

Known as the Paris of South America, Buenos Aires is heavy on culture. It is filled with museums, historical places and has a very lively nightlife. The city has a very cosmopolitan feel to it and the great news for travellers like you is that the hotel rates in the city are 8% lower than they were in 2013. There is so much waiting for you in Buenos Aires. You can take a stroll down Corrientes Avenue where you can find some good food, books and even some dance clubs where you can take tango lessons. If you like the arts then you can check out the Museum of Latin American Art of Buenos Aires, where the works of the most prominent South American visual artists can be found. You can also check the Recoleta Cemetery where the well to do Argentinians are buried. If you are after some theatrical performances then you should check out Teatro Colon which can be found in downtown Buenos Aires.


Everyone gets the same idea when they hear of Orlando as a travel destination. They think about the excellent theme parks that could be found there. But when you add the fact that the hotel rates in the city are lower by 7% as compared from last year, then you should really think about including it as a destination. The big three theme parks in the city all have new rides set to open which makes visiting them really interesting. You would have no lack of options when it comes to eating when you are staying in the city as there are plenty of excellent restaurants there that you can check out.


One of the most historic cities in the United States offers you some great choices when you pick it as a travel destination. One of the interesting things about Philadelphia is the art scene that can be found in the city. The Barnes Foundation collection is now in a new downtown location where you can appreciate it like never before. The City of Brotherly Love has always been known as an excellent place for traveling on a budget. There are plenty of museums in the city as well as excellent restaurants that can cater to any kind of taste for food. Don’t forget the usual things to do when you visit Philadelphia such as running the Rocky steps on the Philadelphia Museum of Art, looking at the Liberty Bell and visiting Independence Hall.


When you are looking for some real discount in hotel accommodations then Warsaw would be hard to beat. The hotel accommodations in the Polish capital have gone down by as much as 20% from last year. If you are interested in the history of Europe then this is an excellent opportunity that you should never let pass by you. The oldest part of the city was largely demolished in the historic fighting in World War Two, but efforts are underway in order to restore it back to its old glory. The city is filled with cafes and galleries and historic places that would satisfy any curious traveller.


The capital of South Korea, Seoul is a teeming modern city waiting to be discovered and explored. If you enjoy K-Pop then what better way to enjoy than to visit where it all comes from? The good news is that hotel rates are down by more than 9% for this year. But Seoul has more than just pop music to offer. It is also an ancient city where structures have been built centuries ago. You can visit some of those structures that are being built and learn about Korean history in the process as well. Geongbok Place for example was destroyed several times and has been rebuilt. You can see the National Folk Museum and the National Palace Museum. You can also take some breath-taking tour around the city through the Bugaksan Mountain Trails.


You might not be aware where this city is located, but you can bet that it is the next hot destination that’s waiting to be discovered. You should jump ahead of the crowd and visit Riga now while the hotel rates there are comparatively low. Riga is in Latvia and it is a city that is rich in culture and the arts. In fact the EU will be dubbing it the European Capital of Culture and once that happens you can be sure that the crowds will be coming down to Riga.

These are just a few of the great budget travel destinations today.

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