Ways to Attract Butterflies to Your Garden

A garden is a haven for various insects and small animals. This is due to the nice habitat that offers a suitable breeding and feeding place to various creatures. Among these are the butterflies which are the common visitors of gardens. This visitation normally happens during the blooming season as they work on the flowers. These are beneficial insects that help in the natural cycle of plants when it comes to pollination. Learning how to attract these creatures to your garden will greatly improve the quality of your plants and flowers.

How to Do It

Butterflies are beautiful insects that feed and work on the pollen of flowers. This is essential to the proper blooming of flowers as well as the fruition of fruit bearing trees. These pollinators occasionally visit gardens and places where flower blooms in order to do their usual job. However, if you want to add more vibrant colors to your garden, attracting butterflies would be a great idea. Wouldn’t it be nice if you can watch beautiful insects flying around your yard for the most of the season? Here are some tips on how you can get their attention.

  • Color – although there are debates and discussions still circulating the world of gardening and biology regarding whether butterflies can see flowers with their colors or not, adding vibrant colors will help you with your goal. Choose flowers and plants that are visually attractive in terms of colors. Make sure that they are properly maintained and taken well care of in order to bloom at their best.
  • Scent – any butterfly will know the scent of a flower a mile away before it even sees it. This is why it is very important to have certain types of flowers that are known to attract and catch the attention of these small creatures. Make sure though that they also match with the theme of your garden as adding plants and flowers that would ruin the aesthetic of your place is rendered as useless.
  • Make Environment Livable – aside from the attraction part, you also need to make sure that the eco-system will suit the needs of your little friends. In short, you should not use pesticides on your plants and flowers as this act will discourage them from going back occasionally to your garden. In addition, this process will eventually or definitely kill most of them. You can always use natural methods for getting rid of pests on your area.
  • Butterfly Houses – aside from the things mentioned above, butterflies need a place to rest after a long and tiring day of working in the outdoors. Just like humans, they also need an ample amount of time to relax their delicate bodies in order to be able to work for another day. Make sure that your butterfly house is situated on an area suitable for them to live and thrive. Put it higher so that they can easily spot it as they fly in your garden. Put damp materials inside their abode to make them feel comfortable and at home.
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