A Fool On the Road and Other Places

You should not have much trouble recognizing when you deal with fools that encroach all the domains of life. Smoke them out and treat them harshly.

Road Rage Specimens

You have always prided yourself on taking the necessary precautions to be a dependable and logical guy in the realm of your life. Just like anyone you teach people by mimicking their actions to prove how deeply wrong they are. A drive across the town is an excellent example of the mirror teaching blunder where you simply put yourself at risk but you were just going to teach that son of a gun a lesson. To your surprise perhaps the guy would not learn and cut in just in front of you just to make you sweaty behind the wheel this way. Tyres screeching, well the guy should have known better. Would a chase around the place be a nice idea, no?

Always Comparing Yourself To Your Best Friend

It is no surprise to see that many findings prove the man’s need for competition. While your older friend’s wad of credit cards is not less than impressive, his treatment of females has earned him some extra points. The points you find you are not getting. In fact, neither of you is particularly outstanding, but this guy’s potential to lure women is a jarring reminder that you fail at attracting and managing (ok) those better female speci-people. You cannot handle it well with your heavy handed approach to love making, difficulty cracking jokes and so on. However it has been proven with a nice sports car definitely gives a boost to your image as a desirable man. Just go ahead and do away with that hint of despair in your voice!

How to Tell a Fool from a Foe

Any backstabbing would ensure your high position which is likely to get abandoned once you are intimately involved with a girl or two. Sharing your secrets with your friend is not a great idea especially if he chuckles behind your back at how much of a moron you came to be. And no you can be going on about your antics behind the girl’s back safely as the friend is no foe ‘cause you have known him for ages and you trust him or you just don’t care. How is that game possibly going to last? Boredom will tell.

Other fools

Those who just won’t ever listen to anything, as side tracked by their parents, and the ghosts of the pasts, those who are blindly believing in the human kind and its positive approach to other human beings, those who are blind to see anything else beyond their narrow frame of mind and those fools happen to be of either sex.

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A Lifelong Learning Riddle in the Light of the Market Crash

That is the theme designed by the European Commission and it is a slogan worth dying for. There are no free lunches in life although sometimes you may believe you just had one. Unfortunately nothing lasts forever and so what can help is your continuous ability to run your life by learning new things all the time. The rule seems easy and tempting, but seen in the light of the ongoing crisis, it is sounds as both enlightening and ironic message. While some people stick to the regular job at all times, and are fine despite some quibbles with the mundane details of the job, others are plowing the market to no avail in search of any job, despite their educational level and aspirations to find the job that will address both their needs and capacity. How can the latter answer the call if they have just graduated after years of studying hard?

Concerns over Wasted Talents

Europe is definitely going through the motions in terms of industry and the job market with the young people hit the hardest, and the crisis does not seem to be coming to a halt any time soon. Millions of graduates are employed at the job posts that require lesser set of qualifications and they are told to be happy with what they have. The prospects of finding a summer job are close to nil as well as the struggling owners are slashing their job openings to break even themselves. A steady job position in the administrative sector is now seen as the most desirable, according to some survey results among the graduates.

Although you could still impress your prospective boss with flair and superhuman ability to learn faster than the team of average employees and land that particular job, you are in no position to claim that spot for a longer stretch of time, considering you are just a rookie, and as such, you are going to be laid off first off when the credit crunch hits the company.

Similarly in America, thousands of brighter minds are going into business of lesser sorts, even if productive, instead of being able to claim the position which would better reflect their intellectual potential. We are witnessing a worldwide crisis in which it is the younger generation that is paying the price whilst the babyboomers and the like company, guilty of contributing to the current crisis, are holding on to their posts.

Some Closing Comments

The situation like this cannot go on forever with people unable to start a family and provide for themselves. If you are hearing that someone with diploma is stacking the shelves with tiles, you may wonder what the world has come up to. Indeed, the world needs to ask the relevant answer where and how to fit those people. They will find it on their own, though not on their terms, but they will hold the world responsible.

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How to Tell if You’re a Nerd

There was a time when nerds where the target of bullies. Well, they might still be but they have definitely gone beyond the stereotypes that we have come to believe in. Now we would have a hard time telling the nerds apart from the rest of the population. While there are still those who look like nerds with just one glance, the most typical ones are those who have just some serious quirks but are otherwise normal people.

Are you wondering if you are a nerd or not? To help you out, here are some of the qualities that you can use to tell if you are one.

You Are Obsessed with Star Wars or Star Trek

If you are the kind of person who waits for the latest DVD release of Star Wars or you are still religiously watching Star Trek reruns on late night TV then there is no doubt that you are a nerd. These franchises are ground-breaking and still unmatched today, but being absolute fans are something else. It should just be enough for you to watch them once. To watch them multiple times would be a bit too much.

You Have Collectible Figures

You might say that it’s an investment, that when the time comes, the value of the figures would be way beyond what you paid for it. That justifies you purchasing the figures of your favourite cartoon or comic book characters. Who are you kidding? They’re still toys no matter how much money you dished out for them. You just have to accept the fact that you’re a nerd who likes to collect overpriced toys.

You’re Into Role Playing Games

Do you play Dungeons and Dragons with your friends? If you do then you’re a certified nerd. If you prefer the online version of role playing games then that just means that you are an online nerd. This means that you like to leave reality once in a while and pretend that you are a magician or a dragon or whatever it is that players pretend to be in these games.

You Dress Like a Nerd

How does one explain this? We all know a nerd dresses when we see them. So if you have an inclination to look like that then you’re either a nerd or you have a strange sense of fashion. If you have t-shirts of cartoon shows that are no longer running then that’s another good sign that you are a hopeless nerd.

You’re a Musician But Not the Cool Kind

If you can play a musical instrument that is usually not included in the equipment of a rock band, then I’m sorry to say that you have a good chance of being a nerd. Playing the tuba isn’t exactly the fastest way to get the attention of the ladies.

Don’t get us wrong, there is nothing wrong about being a nerd. But it would help a lot if you know you are one. That might make you prouder of what you are.

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