Common Mistakes in Budget Travel

More people are becoming interested in traveling these days. In the past, traveling was largely seen as an activity of the rich, but that’s no longer the case. With budget travel, ordinary people can go to places in different parts of the world. Part of the appeal of budget travel is being able to plan a trip so that it will not exceed a set cost. That involves planning and knowledge of the travel industry and the destinations. If you are planning on traveling then it is a must for you to learn the common mistakes that people make when it comes to budget travel. You can save yourself a great deal of money and trouble by learning about those mistakes ahead of time, so you can avoid them.

Failure to Book Enough Connection Time between Your Flights

Some travellers think that 45 minutes should be long enough for connection time between flights, but they could be in for a surprise. Sometimes, that isn’t enough especially in cases of airports that are large and the gates are far away from each other. People go for the short connection time because they don’t want to spend more time than they really have to in a dismal part of the airport. But this is a case where it is better to be safe than be sorry. Make sure that you have an hour and a half between flights so that you can minimize the risk of missing anything.

Failure to Apply Early for a Passport

The process of getting a new passport can take a few weeks. If you are planning on going on a travel and you still do not have a passport then you should apply for one early enough so that you will get it before your scheduled trip. The same thing goes if your passport is already expired. When you plan your overseas trip, you have to consider your passport because you can’t travel without that piece of document with you. If you have travelled a lot then flip through your passport in order to check it. Make sure that you have enough space in it. Some countries require that you have a full blank page in your passport or they would refuse you entry.

Not Knowing the Location of Your Hotel

When you are traveling overseas, chances are that you would be booking the hotel where you would be staying online. For first time travellers to a foreign city, it is a common mistake to underestimate the distance of the hotel that they have booked from the city center or the airport and that can cause a great deal of inconvenience. Some tourists also prefer to stay in hotels that are out in the suburbs because those are usually cheaper, but staying in hotels that are near the tourist spots would be more convenient for you and would allow you to enjoy your trip more.

Planning on Doing Too Much

Some travellers are too eager and excited for their trip that they plan on doing so many things. They want to make the most out of their time and so they would set out to see the sites in a city in one day, but doing that in city like Rome or Paris would be an exercise in futility. A week wouldn’t be enough to see all the sites worth seeing in Paris or Florence with just a day! Allot enough time for really seeing what a city holds for you. Strolling around a city can offer you insights and can reveal things that you would never discover if you rush through it.

Trying to Pretend That You Want to Do Things

Some tourists feel that going to certain locations means doing certain things. They feel that if they go to Paris they have to see all the art pieces in Louvre or if they go to Rome they need to see the St. Peter’s Basilicas. You have to be honest about what it is that you want and what you would like to experience. Walking through a vast museum can be tedious and boring to some people. If that’s not your cup of tea then there’s nothing wrong with that. You could go around checking the cafes and restaurants in different cities and that would still be a valid experience. If that’s what you really want to experience then go ahead and do it. The aim of your trip is so you can enjoy and unwind not so you can do the same things that others have done.

Going for the Tourist Traps

In cities that receive a lot of visitors there are tourist traps. These are the tours and restaurants that cater to the ordinary travellers, those who just go for the first options that they see because they don’t want to explore. Don’t be like the ordinary traveller. You should venture beyond the common paths followed by the common tourists because that can be far more rewarding. Instead of going for the first restaurant that you come across, why don’t you walk around and try to discover what the place has to offer.

Choosing a Hotel Because of Marketing

Do not base your decision on which hotel to choose on the pictures that you see on websites. Those pictures were taken as part of the marketing campaign of the hotel so there is no doubt that they would look good. You should try out sites that offer real pictures of the possible hotel choices that you have. Don’t fall for the promotions or you might be in for a rude awakening. It is best to base your choice on actual customer reviews of hotels. That would tell you the downside of each hotel. There is always a downside.

Falling for Timeshare Sales Pitch

Will you be staying in a resort that offers timeshare sales pitches? If you are then you should keep in mind that no matter what they offer you in exchange for listening to those sales pitches, it is not going to be worth it. Your time would be better spent doing the things that you went out there to do. Of course if you are really looking to purchase timeshare options from that resort then you should go ahead and listen, but if that’s not the case then don’t waste your time.

Flying to a Cheaper Airport but Spending on Transportation

One of the tips that are being followed by many tourists who think that they are traveling smart is to fly to some cheaper airport outside of the destination. The problem is that they end up spending more on transportation to their hotel. In the end, they spend even more than if they just flew directly to the airport within the city that they are traveling. That option can also waste your time. So before you try out that idea, consider if you spend more on the transportation to your hotel. If you do, then it is not going to be worth it.

These are just a few of the common mistakes that people make in connection with budget travel. Try your best not to commit the same mistakes when you go to your trips.

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