No More Glue Stains on Your Carpet

School activities usually include the utilization of various glue especially when your kids are still in elementary and high school. Most of the activities involved sticking together various stuffs to create a project. Glues leave stains though that is sticky and hard to remove from your carpets. In addition, they also cause damages to where they leave their blemishes. Careful execution is important if you want to successfully get rid of the sticky substance without damaging your carpet. The job is not easy to carry on.

Choose the Best Approach

Similar to removing other types of stains, there are several different methods in getting rid of glue on your carpet. Although they are effective in eliminating the blemish, you only have to pick one that you prefer the most out of these ways. In case you want to make sure that your carpet is stain-free, you can repeat the process until you are satisfied with the result. This is quite common on DIY cleaning jobs as you do not have the skills and the experience of doing it the proper way. In order to avoid repeating the process, examine the carpet to identify the best method that you have to use for effective results.

The trim out method is one of the commonly used ways in getting rid of the stubborn “sticky” glue. You need to have a pair of carpet scissor for this one. Although cutting some of the fiber may seem to be a bad idea as it can ruin its visual appeal and texture, it is deemed as an effective method. Always remember to be accurate with your cutting as you wouldn’t want to cut too much of the fiber. Place the scissor at the tip of the fiber where you see dried glue stains. Cut carefully while paying attention to the length of the fiber to avoid removing too much of it.

If you are hesitant with the method above, you can always use another method which is much safer and more reserved. The acetone method is much safer as compared to the trim out method in terms of keeping your carpet protected from damages. However, it does not always guarantee that your carpet won’t be destroyed in the process. In addition, the cleaner’s safety is never guaranteed with the use of chemicals. If you choose this one, it is better to safeguard yourself by using protective gear against the chemical.

In case your safety as well as the preservation of your carpet is among your concerns, hiring the services of a professional cleaning company would be the best option for you. The guys over at your nearest carpet cleaning company are experts when it comes to getting rid of stubborn blemishes which include various types of glues. You can bring your carpet or upholstery at their office in your area for faster transaction. If you have no clue regarding their services, feel free to call them at their office number for information through your phone directory of referrals from friends. Being thrifty does not always mean that you are smart. Learn when to save and when to spend especially when it concerns your health or your carpets’ condition.

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