The Usual Mistakes in Popular Travel Destinations

Travel is all about going from the familiar to the unfamiliar. That is what excites us about traveling, the opportunity to see new places and new people and the chance to be able to experience new culture. But when confronting something new and unfamiliar, we are open to commit mistakes. When we are in an unfamiliar location, we do not know the customs there and so we might make some wrong moves. Though it is to be expected that a tourist would be unfamiliar with the ways and customs of a new place, it is still best to avoid making any mistakes while there.

We have compiled here some of the more common mistakes that travellers make while in some of the more popular world destinations. If you are doing your traveling on a shoestring budget then you should really study these mistakes to avoid them. Some mistakes can be costly which in your case might prove disastrous for your plans.

Mistakes Travelers Make in the Caribbean

One of the more common mistakes that people make when visiting the Caribbean has something to do with the food. A lot of travellers prefer to order food that is not any different from what they can get at home and because they are in another country, they would have to pay a lot more for it. If you are on a budget then consider trying out the local cuisine. That should be part of the adventure and the experience that you are getting during your trip. You should be ready to sample the local delicacies. Aside from the adventure part of it, eating the local dishes is also cheaper and that means you can stretch your budget.

Another common mistake in the Caribbean would have something to do with the shore excursions. When you let the cruise lines arrange your shore excursion, you can bet that they would include a healthy cut that would go to their pocket. If you want to get the most out of your money then arrange your own shore excursion with other passengers. You can save money by doing that.

Mistakes Travelers Make in London

London is a popular tourist destination. The city is so rich in history and is so vibrant today. The city is also filled with some of the greatest museums in the world and many of these offer free admission. If you are a budget traveller then skipping these free admissions is one of the most serious mistakes that you can commit. You are passing up on an opportunity to see some of the greatest cultural pieces of the world for free. The British Museum which is arguably the greatest museum in the world can be toured free of charge.

Another mistake that travellers often make when visiting London is paying too much for their room. There is no question that London is home to some of the finest hotels in the world, but some travellers pay too much even for the simplest of rooms. Don’t just accept the fact that London rooms are expensive. Spend some time in locating the more affordable options even if those are just the spare rooms of locals. You are a budget traveller after all.

Mistakes Travellers Make in Paris

Paris is one of the greatest tourist destinations in the world. Millions of people visit it every year. It is useful if you were to become more familiar with how a traveller should go about while in the City of Lights so as not to make costly mistakes. One usual mistake committed by travellers while in Paris is waiting in line to get to the top of Eiffel Tower. That might be worth your while but if your stay in the city is limited then you should keep in mind that waiting in line can eat up a significant part of the day. There are other equally interesting things that you can do while you are there.

Like London, Paris is another great capital that has so many things to offer. You cannot possibly check everything that is interesting there with one visit. It would be a mistake to miss out on some of the free attractions that Paris has to offer. There are so many sites that you can visit for free while in Paris and a budget traveller must take advantage of all those opportunities.

Another common mistake here is failing to use the excellent mass transport system. One of the best things about Paris is that almost all the important points within the city are reachable by the excellent public transport system. Do not waste your money by renting a car while in Paris. You don’t need it.

Mistakes Travellers Make in Venice

Venice is one of the most popular destinations not just in Italy but in the whole world. Its gondolas and canals are the most romantic attractions in the world. But riding those traditional boats can turn out to be a huge mistake if you are not prepared for it. The rates are controlled by the authorities but you can still end up paying more than $100 for an hour long ride. It can be a memorable experience but be sure that you can afford it.

Another usual mistake that people make when visiting Venice is trying to stay near the Grand Canal. Accommodations right by the Grand Canal can be expensive. You should try finding some other cheaper alternative and the good news is that there are plenty of choices that you can choose from. Mestre which is a town near Venice can offer excellent accommodations at cheaper prices. If you have a choice, you should also avoid visiting Venice during the summer months because it can become crowded during the peak season. It can lose much of its charm during that time.

You should also avoid spending too much time and money on shopping while in Venice. There are other more worthwhile activities other than buying merchandise that you would have to carry with you when you leave.

Mistakes Travellers Make in Mexico

Mexico is another popular tourist destination mainly because of the beaches there and also the historical places. One common mistake that a travellers can commit while visiting Mexico has something to do with the currency. Some ATMs in the country display the Dollar sign, but in fact they are referring to the Peso. If you have to use an ATM while in Mexico, stick to the ones that are from multinational banks. That can lessen the confusion.

If you are from the United States or Canada then you might suppose that using the mobile phone there would have the same rate like at home. The rates are more expensive while in Mexico but they are not exorbitant. Before you leave make sure that you check with your mobile phone provider to find out what kind of rates you will be charged while in Mexico. You should also make sure that the tour guide that you will be hiring is legitimate and trustworthy. Crime is high in Mexico and criminals there victimize and target tourists as well.

These are just a few of the common mistakes that people make when they are visiting some of the more famous destinations in the world today.

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